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Front Door Styles and Front Door Hardware

A front door is like an eye of a house, so it can be considered a central point of it. It's important for this door to look inviting and welcoming. Its look becomes especially beautiful if it nicely matches the general style of a house. For a homeowner and other family members to enjoy their entry door it's necessary to choose it according to one's personal taste and preferences.

Today, many different variations of front doors are available in the market for everyone to find what they are looking for. No matter what style and design of an entry door you will choose it's significant to check up whether it fits the present door opening and swings in a proper way. And, certainly, it's important to select the right front door hardware. Let's discuss some of the most common styles of front doors.

A 15-lite entry door is frequently used as a back entrance. Lite doors are equipped with glass panels; and exactly this model offers the effect of a glass door without glass! It's a perfect way to fill a room with the sunlight naturally.

A 4-paneled door has a half circle lite with the half-circle glass at the higher part of the door. It offers less light but more privacy. This entry door is an excellent choice for people who don't wish anyone to look inside their house.

A 6-paneled door is a popular choice of both the stores selling builders' hardware and people's houses. It has no windows and lites providing ideal privacy into your home and property.

In case if you don't wish to escape the sunlight and the outer world completely, a 2-paneled front door is especially for you. It has a window that will give you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy observing beautiful sunsets and just to see whether somebody is behind the door. This door will also help to fill your home with natural sunlight.

Another common and attractive variation is a door with an oval lite that is able to make unforgettable impression not only on your guests but also just passers-by. And finally, you can always order a custom front door that will be tailored according to your desires.

No front door can properly function without front door hardware. These include door hinges, deadbolts and other accessories each of which is important for the door. It should be remembered that all accessories look better if they match the overall style of the front door and the house in general.

Today, it has become easy to find manufacturers of front door hardware that sell matching doorbells, letterboxes, door knockers, and even lights. With all these pieces you have all chances to create a professional cohesive look of your home.

Finishes available in the modern market are also as varied as the styles of front doors. They can be made of bronze, brass, copper, modern and Victorian hardware. Choose the one that matched the exterior of your house in the best way. If you are looking for extremely elegant hardware it's better to locate it on the front door, while simpler hardware should be installed on a side door to the kitchen.

It's not obligatory to use deadbolts, however, they will better protect your home. For instance, a double-cylinder deadbolt works due to a key that can open the door both from inside and outside. This type of deadbolt provides the house with more security than a single-cylinder.

Finally, door knockers are pieces of front door hardware that fulfill the same function as a doorbell does, so it's up to you to decide what to choose.